Monday, June 8, 2015

Edgewater by Courtney Sheinmel

Title:  Edgewater
Author:  Courtney Sheinmel
Publisher: ABRAMS Kids/Amulet Books
ISBN: 9781419716416
Price: $17.95 U.S. (Hardcover)
Publish Date:  September 8, 2015
Target Audience:  Young Adult

You guys are going to think that I love every single book I read.  It's really not the case, I promise. I just happen to have a really good knack for picking out books that I think I will love.  And to be honest, the books I don't end up loving are usually ones that are recommended to me by others.  So once again, I really loved Edgewater by Courtney Sheinmel.

Lorrie Hollander comes from a wealthy family.  Her grandfather practically built the wealthy town of Idlewild in New York.  His sprawling mansion, named Edgewater, was once a sight to behold.  But ever since her mother left Lorrie and her sister Susannah to run away with her new boyfriend, Edgewater has been in a state of disrepair.  Lorrie's guardian and aunt Gigi appears to have a mental illness and Lorrie just can't stand to be around the family anymore.  Since her mother left her with a trust, she chose to go to a boarding school to get away from Edgewater.  At the beginning of the book, Lorrie learns that something is wrong with her trust.  Her summer horse camp has not been paid and she must return to Edgewater to sort things out.  Lorrie never worried about money and always spent freely.  Without access to her trust, she is now poor.  At first in denial, she soon gets a job and begins to clean up Edgewater.  One day, while cleaning the attic, Lorrie finds a journal that her mother kept.  This is the climax in the story, as a family emergency arises and Lorrie's world pretty much turns upside down.  

This book reminds me of We Were Liars, in a way, rich youth living in a world most of us do not understand. The rich youth in this book, however,  Lorrie, her best friend Lennox, and her new friend, the charming son of a senator, Charlie, are much more likeable characters.  Although money is no object for them, they are still down-to-earth and practical.  The friendship between Lorrie and Lennox is one which all girlfriends strive for. Lorrie and Charlie meet in an embarrassing way, but their friendship and eventual relationship grows throughout the book and it turns out they are much more connected than even they realized. 

Reader Rach gives Edgewater 5/5 stars. 

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